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So, i’ve been reading through all the emails coming in to my mailbox and the most popular need most people mention is :

How to consistently get more clients & customers into their  businesses

So here’s the thing….

Once I finally embraced the power of the internet, the possibilities in my business were suddenly very vast.

Currently, Facebook has over 1.44 Billion people using it’s platform every day. Can you actually imagine that? …..What this means for you is that your customers are currently using Facebook. People that you want as customers, are currently on Facebook

So, the true problem here is not that there not enough customers that can pay you your FULL asking price – because there are millions of them. The problem is, HOW you choose to find and engage with those potential customers.

As unbelievable as this may be, a lot of you reading this, don’t even have websites, or Facebook business pages yet, how are you going to talk to these potential customer, if you don’t even have a home online that they can visit?


1. Create a home on the internet – aka your website.

You already know you need a website to start attracting and converting your ideal customers but the problem is that funds are limited

This is where the chicken or the egg dilemma of your business website really shows up.

As you know, your website is your storefront and home on the web.

It does the selling for you, and it’s important for it to be professional and to communicate well with your ideal clients… so that they know that you are the ideal provider for them.

If you have a poorly performing website, then you might not get the clients or customers that you’re looking to get.

On the other hand, if you don’t have customers paying you… you can’t invest the money you aren’t earning to have your website professionally designed.

So what’s the solution?

Start off with a simple website that you know how to edit. Then put your energy toward writing copy for your website that is clear and compelling and converts ideal clients onto your mailing list.

You don’t need to spend a ton on the design of the site or to hire a copywriter from the get-go. Your company and brand is likely to change fairly quickly, so you don’t want to be tied into an expensive brand that doesn’t reflect your current direction.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to be a place where your potential customers can come to find out about you and what you’re about.

It’s also a place where you can start funneling these potential customer onto your mailing list where you can start building a relationship with them and then marketing your products and services.


2. Facebook can be used for more than your holiday and family snaps

Create your Facebook business page. You most likely found out about me through a Facebook advert. In fact 80% of my business comes from Facebook . This is also possible for you too.

If you are constantly selling on your personal profile..stop that immediately and create a professional facebook page for your business. You can do it in five minutes or less but it makes a HUGE difference

Your friends and family might like you, but they go on facebook to be SOCIAL not to be bombarded with images of and posts about your products.
Create a professional page and start learning how to target the millions of other people on facebook that actually WANT to hear about your products. Learn how to build a community around your service or product…rather than pitching your services all the time without offering value

Remember that it’s all about being SOCIAL. So even though you want to sell your stuff, it starts with people getting to know YOU first.


3. Know Who You Want To Talk To

Majority of people I speak to don’t have a clear idea of who their ideal clients are. Not everyone is suited for your products, not everyone can afford your product – and that’s okay because there are many more that are

Your Ideal Client is that person that does not need a lot of convincing to buy your services. They are the ones that will tell you what they want you provide for them. They are the ones that will pay in FULL without constantly trying to haggle for a discount. They are the ones that will RESPECT you and your time.

It is very possible to find this type of client. Remember there are billions of people on Facebook. You only need a teeny tiny portion of that to start making money in your business – regardless of what you’re selling.

So start by defining the type of client that you REALLY want to work with, rather than just the one that can give you money. In the past, I had clients that gave me their money and then proceeded to become nightmare clients. I’m now very exacting about the type of people I want to work with because I know I can always find them on Facebook and other social media.

Once you’ve got these three things in place, then it’s time to start ramping up your marketing….and that is what I’m here to show you how to do.

Making money in your business is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter and efficiently. You don’t have to know everything, but but be consistent with the simple one that works for you.

see you next week

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