Business Breakthrough: how to be a class act when growing your small business

Going solo? If you’ve already made the leap, you’ll know that taking baby steps away from the traditional 9 -5 grind isn’t enough. A total paradigm shift may be in order to get that breakthrough your small business needs.

It’s a pretty well accepted fact that business owners typically approach business differently than the traditional 9 – 5 workers ( now news there)

However, many successful business owners take it one step further by totally changing the script to get the results they need fast. One of those entrepreneurs who did this so well is Kathleen King of Tate’s Bake Shop.

Kathleen lost everything when she was pushed by her partners, out of the first bakery she founded and ran for two decades, 6 months after she took on the 2 new partners. So, heavily in debt, she started Tate’s bake shop as a direct competitor to her old business and distributes to all 50 states in America.

There were two main things that particularly resonated with me from her story, because I’ve personally experienced just how much they have allowed my businesses both past and present to thrive or fail (when i didn’t apply them)

1. Keep Emotions Out of it.

This is the easiest but most difficult advice for any small business owner to take. We’re all so attached to our businesses, we see them as extensions of ourselves. What this means is that we get so protective about everything that sometimes, it actually hinders growth in the business.

I’ve seen business owners who always hesitate to have sales conversations or make offers because they’re afraid of rejection. I’ve seen people get so precious about their products that they fail to realise that when people say no, it doesn’t mean a personal rejection, it just means the offer wasn’t quite right. But because they’re so emotionally attached to it all, they take it personally and it all starts going downhill from there.

Even though you love your business, you need to understand that ultimately, not everyone is going to love it as you do. You need to be okay with this and keep your emotions out of it. After all, as a consumer, you don’t whip out your credit card to buy every item on offer.

The more emotionally detached you are, the easier it becomes to make those difficult but essential strategic decisions that are needed to take your business forward.

2. Learn to execute efficiently

This follows on from being emotionally detached. You have to get good at executing actions efficiently in your business. Stop being precious about things – you really don’t have that luxury.

Get clear on outcomes you desire in your business, create corresponding actions to get you those results and then go ahead and execute those actions. Keep your emotions out of it. Stop spending endless hours obsessing about it all.

I can tell you that the times I have seen results in my business and been at my most productive, has been when I have switched off my emotions, stopped worrying about what others think or not and just implemented what I had to. This is where a lot of micro-business owners fail. They find reasons “why it won’t work” and they they stop excuting or following through and then find one area to obsess about letting everything else fall apart.

If you’re not taking strategic and consistent action, you can’t get consistent results.

It’s as simple as that.


Rather than thinking that groundbreaking successes and ideas are for that “lucky” person over there, don’t you think it’s time to consider that you could also be that “lucky” person? cut out the emotion and execute to see the growth you need in your business.

image: raghnalig

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