Loyal Customers: 3 tips for converting browsers into repeat customers

Loyal Customers: 3 tips for converting browsers into repeat customers

Loyal customers do exist. Here’s how to convert browsers and one-time buyers into repeat customers.

The golden nugget at the end of the rainbow for small businesses, is having loyal customers that keep coming back from more – but how do you actually get them? here are 3 tips to get you going:

1. Go the extra mile.

yes, we’ve all heard this before, but how many of us actually put it into practice. This is one of the reasons why companies like Apple, Amazon and Waitrose succeed even in the so called recession with a long line of loyal customers – their products ain’t cheap but yet, people keep coming back for more.

It’s because they have systems in place for phenomenal customer service that transforms “like” to “love” in customers hearts

Case in point: My kindle got damaged and ofcourse like any other customer out there, when there’s drama, i want a solution, and I want it right now. So, at 10pm (no joke) I decided to give Amazon a call – because I read somewhere it was 24/7 customer service. True to form, I got someone immediately – who told me, it was not a problem and a new kindle would be sent out to me within 3 business days and if I could just pop the damaged kindle back in the package provided, I won’t be charged for the replacement kindle…ooookay.

I called prepared for a battle but had my problem solved within 10 mins of my call – am I one of Amazon’s loyal customers? You bet i am.

The take-away here is:

No, you don’t need to get clients to call you at 10pm at night, but you can put systems in place that takes your customer service from blah to wow.

What systems do you have in place to create great service for your customers?


2. Make it easy for them to become loyal customers.

Think beyond the service or product you offer to delivery and implementation of the service.

A few years ago, I was redecorating and I went into Dwell . I loved the products and the prices were great and all that…but what really did it for me, was how the product was delivered.

Now usually, you have to wait all day for stuff like this to be delivered – because some companies can’t give you a definite time right?
Well, Dwell not only asked me what day would be great for delivery, but, I got offered am or pm deliver time slots which meant i wasn’t sitting down all the day waiting for a delivery

I also got call on the morning of my delivery with an estimated arrival time (within my chosen time window), with a further call telling me when my delivery was just one hour away

Do I love them?….They’ve got a customer for life. I tell everybody i know about dwell. Not only because they’ve got great products at fabulous prices, but they solve the universal problem we all have of having to take a whole day off waiting for a delivery that sometimes doesn’t turn up and they make it easy for me to come back for more…

The take-away here is:

Are you thinking beyond the product and service you offer? how can you improve delivery and implementation of your processes?


3. Think Ahead

Sometimes things outside your control will happen to affect the way your customers use your service. It could be a software crash that means they can’t use your service or it could just be plain ‘ol illness that takes you out of action and this means your clients are affected. So, what do you do?

Don’t wait for the complaints to start rolling in before you start thinking of what to do to compensate people. Keep them in the loop. Let them know what’s going on from the start.

Be the first to apologise and maybe offer a gift voucher for inconvenience cause and thanking them for being so understanding.

The take-away here is:

pre-empt issues that could arise and rather than try to argue with your customers about whether it was your fault or not, include them in the journey and try to resolve things as fast as possible.

image: John A Ryan


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