How to get your marketing basics right the first time

How to get your marketing basics right the first time

In small business marketing, more of the same works better than a little of everything.


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Getting your marketing basics right the first time, has to do with keeping it all as simple as you possibly can. At it’s most basic, marketing is telling people what you do – over and over and again. That’s it. You can do it in person, via email, phone, online but it still boils down to this basic fact. It’s about consistently letting people know what you do as many times as you possibly can.

When it comes to small business marketing, a lot of people get distracted down with endless marketing tactics – not because these activities help in actively filling their pipeline, but because it’s what everyone else is doing.

If marketing is about repeatedly telling people what you do, and success in marketing comes from focusing a large amount of your effort on less but effective activities rather than trying everything, why then do people make this more complicated than it needs to be?

Before you take the leap to try that new ninja move, here are a few marketing basics that need to be in place first:

1. A concise marketing message.

What do you do for people, how do you do it and for whom?

You should be able to tell people in a single sentence why you are a potential problem solver as it relates to your industry or business.

What is your message? It doesn’t matter how fancy your website is if people don’t know within the first few minutes, how you’re going to help them, you’re wasting your time and theirs.


2. Have Offers that make sense

Developing better service packages makes your offers more attractive and in turn makes it easier for you to market.

For example:
A consultant who has been working on a project basis might find clients more receptive to a monthly retainer for which they can budget. An interior decorator who has been getting resistance from clients to hourly fees may get better results by raising her markup or commission on furnishings, and no longer charging by the hour at all.

Sometimes even giving your packages a name can make all the difference. An image consultant might be much more successful selling the “total body one day makeover” than suggesting clients get purchase hours of their time to revamp their look.

The point here is, your offers also determine your marketing experience. Get it right, and it gets easier to attract the right sort of clients.


3. Conversations matter

As a service based business, the conversations you have with your ideal clients matter.

When it comes to marketing service businesses, it’s all about the “know, like and trust” factor and this can only come from building relationships that come through value based conversations.

What do I mean by conversations?

Every point of contact your ideal client has with your business is a conversation point; website, blog, facebook page, twitter, brochure, etc.
Are you adding value with each conversation or are you just pitching and hoping they buy?

Yes, we want people to buy, but we also want them to stay for longer. It all starts with building relationships that matter and this comes from having conversations that matter.


4. Brand Building Delivery

The way you deliver your solution also determines where you are in your market. Though not everyone is cut out for “high-end” delivery, we can all make an effort – regardless of the marketing strategy to ensure the experience prospects and clients get in our business are above and beyond expectations.

How do you welcome a client into your business?
What is your customer service process?
How promptly do you respond to client emails?
When a client finishes with you, how do you end the relationship – do just let them go or keep on building a relationship with gift vouchers, loyalty programs, etc.?


Conclusion : marketing basics work

These things might seem like the most basic, but they are usually the most neglected when it comes to marketing and yet, they do affect the results of your marketing strategy. Pay attention to the marketing basics and the complicated becomes a lot more manageable.


1. Get clear on your marketing message – what is the who, what and why of your business?
2. Have offers that make sense to both you and your target market
3. Pay attention to the conversations you’re having with existing and potential clients. Are you adding value every step of the way?
4. How you look does matter – don’t let anyone tell you different. Make your client journey one that can sell you even when you’re not present.

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