Sales Skills: Closing the Sale and Winning Big Gains in 6 Easy Steps

Sales Skills: Closing the Sale and Winning Big Gains in 6 Easy Steps

Closing the sale

Strategies that help create a win-win situation when closing the sale

I confess, Sales Skills are not something I have in abundance. In the past, closing the sale is the one thing that  always made me break out in sweat , until a mentor  pointed out that the process of closing the sale is actually having a conversation to bring your prospect to a decision.

It’s not so much about prospects buying your product, because at the end of your conversation, you may find that your offer is actually not the best fit for this person; but it’s about bringing them from the position of “who are you? why should I trust you? I don’t know if I can afford it etc…..” to the definite “Yes or No” answer.

Aside from being clear on your offer, here are 4 steps to having conversations that make it easy to bring your prospects to the “Yes” decision

Closing the Sale Step 1: Invite them to have the conversation

You need to have someone in front of you before you can actually have the sales conversation. A lot of service professionals usually offer the “complimentary session” where people can test drive the service before deciding to buy.

The problem with this is that people are bombarded with so much free stuff that if you can’t give them a valid reason for taking the “free session” they will undervalue the service you’re offering, or pass on taking you up on your offer.

To get prospects to take you up on your offer, re-brand your complimentary session to show the benefits a prospects will get by signing up for it.


Closing the Sale Step 2: Draw out possibilities and outcomes

The next step in the closing the sale conversation is to discover what outcome they truly want. You may find that you’re not the best one to offer that outcome, and that’s okay. It’s much better to find out what outcome they want and point them in the right direction, than trying to squeeze the square peg in the round hole.


Closing the Sale Step 3: Discover the cost of the problem

You now know what the problem is, the outcome they would ideally like to have and now you have to be clear on what would happen if they don’t do something to solve this problem RIGHT NOW.

This part is really about finding out what has been stopping them in the past from getting the outcome they’ve desired, and what other solutions they’ve tried out in the past.

If someone has been trying to lose weight for the past 4 years, what is it that has been stopping them from actually doing it?


Closing the Sale Step 4: Offer your solution and invite them to take the next step

Now you’ve got a clearer picture of your prospect and the issue as it relates to them, the outcome they would ideally like to have and their current cost of not getting the problem solved.

This is where you can give them few tips to start solving the problem and then make them an offer to carry on the working with you to see results


Closing the Sale is about bringing prospects to the point where they can make a yes or no decision. By the time a prospect leaves you, they should be clear on what their situation truly looks like and what your solutions are to solve that problem and what their next step is.

You may struggle at the start but, once you’ve mastered these steps, closing the sale will not be as scary as you currently think it is.

Minted Assignment

1. Using the steps above, create an outline or script what your closing the sale conversation should be. Be sure to have it on hand whenever you need to close that sale..

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